Friday, 8 July 2011

harry potter premiere...

well being a HUGE harry potter fan myself (it was pretty much my childhood) i figured it was apt to do a post on  who was wearing what on the red carpet. they all looked amazing of course and i wish i had been in trafalgar square at the time to be a part of it. this really is the end of an era. it's strange to see how much the stars have grown up over the years, starting out as 11 year olds and today being worth millions of pounds, especially for emma watson; fashion icon the world over.

emma watson looked like a princess in a floor length Oscar de la Renta gown. i love the skirt. actually i just love everything she wears as she never seems to go wrong.

another favourite of mine, evanna lynch (who plays luna lovegood), paired a white skater dress with these amazing gothic-look shoes. not to sure about the furry bag though "/

eccentric as ever, helena bonham carter looked great in a floor length deep green gown, adding her own style with the headpiece and ozzy osbourne-esque sunglasses. again, not so sure about the ed hardy purse. it kind of spoils the outfit, but then she's never been afraid of looking a bit strange.

bonnie wright looked lovely in a vintage style miu miu dress. i love the ruffled sleeves and detailing in the top, but the one-colour floor length aspect seems a bit much to me. too much white that could have been broken up a bit.

clemence poesy looks so cute in this chiffon dress by nina ricci. it's very flattering and works well for her.

afshan azad who plays padma patil wore a full leopard print dress. i like the shape of the dress, but am not so keen on the large leopard print on the skirt. she does look great though!

natalia tena wore a cut out laura ashley dress, cowboy boots and a feather hair piece. i admire her for having her own unique style, but this wasn't the right combination and i think the dress would have gone better with heels.

joanne rowling arrived in an Oscar de la Renta dress, which much resembled a curtain wrapped around her. i'm not a fan. i like the sweetheart neckline, but the cut of the dress is really un-flattering and looks like she's wearing a tent.

the boys also shape up well, with daniel radcliffe, the phelps twins and matt lewis all looking like wilf's* on the red carpet in sharp 3-piece suits. rupert grint's jacket on the other hand looks like he's wearing a dead animal. not nice.

*wilfs = wizards i'd like to fuck


  1. Hahah wilfs!!! I love it! Some of the dresses were totally hit and miss werent they?

    Emma looked stunning, as usual!

    :) x

  2. Lovely post and pictures :) xx

  3. It's so sad for me to finally see the end of this famous series. I would miss it so much... But there's no greater farewell than this fashionable packs on the red carpet altogether. Look at how Emma has gone a long way from that geeky little girl she once before... How gorgeous she is now. But I've got to say that my favorite girl will always be the French chic Clemence Poesy ;) Sweet post!

  4. I really love the final harry potter film and I´m so sad that the story is finished now. But great blog and a nice post. I´m a new follower. Visit my blog, too ;)

  5. thanks for following and commenting! :)
    @fé... i know how you feel! going to see deathly hallows pt 2 later & am sure to be in tears by the end of it. but yes, clemence poesy really is beautiful isn't she?