Wednesday, 6 July 2011

style inspirations...

where do i even start with this?! the way i dress comes from so many different areas and influences. i'd say that i prefer to keep things a little off-center, dressing to suit my shape, with quirky pieces that emulate my personality whilst not totally dismissing current trends all together. i shop mostly on the high street and am a firm believer that you do not have to spend tonnes of money to put together an outfit that looks great. i also love finding one-off items in charity shops or camden market. here are a few people whose style i admire...

Lady Gaga
it really annoys me when people say that gaga is just stealing other peoples' ideas...err hello?! recognise creativity and stop being bitchy because she is practically god! i love how expressive and eccentric she is with her outfits, and how she isn't afraid to wear whatever she wants. she can pull anything off, from a meat dress to a classic trouser suit, to a leather leotard with blue hair. 

Alexa Chung
i love how "british" alexa chung's style is. she combines casual, guyish outfits with girly, english chic perfectly and effortlessly. i like the fact that she's not as styled or glamorous as hollywood a-listers like j-lo, everything is understated and subtle.

Marina Diamandis & Paloma Faith
both of them have heavy influences on the way i dress every day. their styles are so eclectic, kitsch and unique. i love marina's seemingly never-ending supply of brightly coloured lipsticks and paloma's completely random outfits and hairstyles.

Dita Von Teese
i absolutely adore the classic pin-up look and dita just does it so well. her, as well as original icons from the 40's and 50's; like bettie page and marilyn monroe, are huge inspirations to me. i also like how dita mixes classic with gothic features.

so yeah, those are just a few of the people i look up to, style-wise. i could go on all day, but there you go. who are your inspirations and why? xo

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